Influence of Brand Equity Dimensions on the Business Purchase Behavior of the Crispy Chicken Franchise in Tegal City


Sari Wiyanti
Niken Wahyu Cahyaningtyas


Crispy chicken in Indonesia becomes a competititve business and easy business to run. The risk of the crispy chicken franchise business is very low because the crispy chicken franchise brand is know to consumers. The franchisor  built his brand equity, by developing a crispy chicken franchise. Franchise   prefer to buy a crispy chicken franchise business that has high brand equity. The survey was toward  100 respondent and collected 75 questionnaires  from crispy chicken traders in Tegal City. Data analysis techniques using multiple linear regression. The results can conclude that the dimensions of brand equity simultaneously affect business purchase behavior of the crispy chicken franchise in Tegal city.


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Wiyanti, S., & Cahyaningtyas, N. W. (2022). Influence of Brand Equity Dimensions on the Business Purchase Behavior of the Crispy Chicken Franchise in Tegal City. Enrichment : Journal of Management, 12(2), 1509-1514. Retrieved from


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