The Influence of Website Design Quality, Perceived Value, E-Trust and Mediating Effects on Satisfaction on Repurchase Intentions (Case Study: Tokopedia.Com)


Martha Yulin
Innocentius Bernarto
Innocentius Bernarto


Indonesia is predicted to become the country with the largest economy in the future, has made Indonesia a target for the entry of many e-commerce companies, so that market conditions become very competitive which requires industry players to maintain consumer loyalty. The influence of Website design quality, perceived value and E-trust on Repurchase intention through E-satisfaction as mediation in the e-commerce industry. This research was conducted using a causal study approach on 403 research respondents who were consumers of Tokopedia, which is one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia. The research results show that website design quality, perceived value and satisfaction have a significant and positive influence on repurchase intention. However, E-trust does not have a significant influence on repurchase intention


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Yulin, M., Bernarto, I., & Bernarto, I. (2024). The Influence of Website Design Quality, Perceived Value, E-Trust and Mediating Effects on Satisfaction on Repurchase Intentions (Case Study: Tokopedia.Com). Enrichment : Journal of Management, 14(2), 204-215.


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