Enrichment : Journal of Management, offers wide ranging and widespread analysis of all surfaces of management and science. Published two times per year, it delivers a emphasis for universal proficiency in the vital methods, techniques and areas of research; presents a opportunity for its readers to share mutual understandings across the full range of businesses and skills in which management and science is used; covers all areas of management science from systems to practical facets; links concept with training by publishing case studies and covering the latest important issues. Enrichment : Journal of Management areas include:
1. Operations and Information management,
2. Human resource management;
3. Introduction to marketing,
4. Organizational,
5. Strategic management,
6. Managerial Economics,
7. Bank Strategy and Management,
8. Entrepreneurship,
9. Introduction to International Business,
10. Leadership,
11. Quality Management,
12. Marketing,
13. Supply Chain Management,
14. Human Resources, and Science related subjects.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.35335/enrichment.v9i1,%20Novembe

Published: 2018-11-01